Lucas Jansen: 35 years of knowledge, network and passion!

Floweracademy.NL collaborates with numerous companies and organisations. A gigantic network has been built up over the years. Colleagues, former pupils and students, companies and organisations. Contacts in 25 different countries.

Lucas Jansen has more than 35 years of experience with education in the (international) floriculture chain in the field of assortment knowledge, quality, chain knowledge, marketing, floral art and account & category management. Courses and market research in 25 different countries all over the world.

Partners of FlowerAcademy.NL

Floweracademy.NL and its partners have extensive experience in and knowledge of floriculture.

Moreover, they reinforce each other with knowledge and have a broad network and passion!

Miranda Bakker is a specialist in account & category management and marketing. Within Floweracademy.NL she regularly provides courses that are practical and useful for participants. In addition, she carries out projects for companies throughout the floriculture chain.
Miek Stap is a specialist in photography and video recordings. For Floweracademy.NL she regularly provides the visual content for practical instruction lessons. Miek is also co-owner of the web application range of InfoFlowersPlants.

Collaborative projects

Floweracademy.NL works together with several entrepreneurs on projects in floriculture.

InfoFlowersPlants V.O.F. is ontstaan uit de behoefte aan onafhankelijke productinformatie in de sierteeltketen. Het idee is ontstaan om onafhankelijk van commerciële handelspartijen de boekjes van Bloemenbureau Holland, Plant Publicity Holland en het Internationaal Bloembollen Centrum in digitale vorm uit te brengen.

Eigenaar: Lucas Jansen, Miek Stap

Er is grote behoefte aan kennis bij bloemisten, tuincentra in Slovenië. Samen met Sabina Šegula wordt een cursusaanbod in Slovenië geleverd.
Er is grote behoefte aan kennis bij bloemisten, tuincentra in Italië. Samen met Charles Lansdorp wordt een cursusaanbod in Italië geleverd.
Er is grote behoefte aan kennis bij bloemisten, tuincentra in Cambodja. Samen met ?  wordt een cursusaanbod in Cambodja geleverd.