Knowledge, innovation, network and passion

Founded by

Lucas Jansen

Lucas has nearly 40 years of experience with education in the (international) floriculture chain in the field of assortment knowledge, quality, chain knowledge, marketing, floral art and account & category management. Courses and market research in 28 different countries all over the world.
Lucas also owns www.Floweracademy.TV (e-learning) and the web application range of InfoFlowersPlants and has also established the name of Floweracademy in Italy, Slovenia and Cambodia.

By Experts


FlowerAcademy.NL is the provider of courses in the field of assortment, quality, marketing and account & category management in the floriculture sector.
You can join our course programme at several times of the year. Courses generally last several parts of the day from 3 to 5 hours. Our courses are known everywhere as practical, effective and directly applicable in your daily work!

In-company trainings & projects

With our knowledge, network, passion and innovation we support you and your company in making your work or business a success! Customized in-company training courses are our core business. On location with you, saving you time for travel times of your employees. In addition, we produce "tailor made" educational video content, product photography and time-lapse video.

Market explorations & retail safaris

Thanks to our extensive network, we have already organised market explorations and retail safaris in 25 different countries around the world. We organise these trips on the basis of open registration but also for specific groups or individual companies. The trips are fully organized. So without any worries we go with you to a country to gain insight and do more business.

Impressions and overview of companies where courses have been and will be given

A. Noort, Adomex, Agora Group, AmigoPlant, Anton Spaargaren, Aphrodite orchideeën. Artisan, B&G de Mooij, Baza Seeds, BioTechnical Centre Naklo (Slovenia), Bloemenbureau Holland, Blom Palmen, Bloom BV, Broks Bloemen, Bromelia Specialist, Chrysal International, CJ Orchids, Coloriginz, Comfortplant, Dalat Hasfarm (Vietnam), de Gooijer International, De Haas Calla, Decorum, Deen Supermarkten, Dille & Kamille, Dillewijn- Zwapak, Dobbe Flowers, DRC EDD, Dummen Orange, Dutch Flower Group, Dymak, DynaPlant, E-Flora, FAJ (Japan), Flamingo Flowers, Floragold, Floraplus, Floreac, Florca, Flower Circus, FlowerForce, Freesia Akerboom, Gasa Holland, Gebr. Barendsen, Greenex, Greenpartners, Groen Imago, HamiFleurs, HamiPlant, W.K. Heyl, Hilverda de Boer, Hofland Flowering Plants, Holex, Holstein Flowers, Hooftman Boomkwekerijen, Hoogeveen Plants, Hoven & de Mooij, IKEA, InfoFlowersPlants, Intergreen, Intratuin, JavadoPlant, JoGrow, Jumbo Supermarkten, Junglestar Bromelia’s, Koenpack, Kolk Hortensia, Kontikiflor, Kwekerij Duijn-Hove, Kwekerij Endhoven, Lekkerkerk Green Business, LG Flowers, Logico Orchideeën, Luba Uitzendbureau, MDK Flowers & Greens, Mondo Verde, Nolina Woubrugge, Norblomst / Line, Noviflora, Obi (Zwitserland), Ontwikkelcentrum, Oriental Group, Overtoom KEO, OZ-Bloemen, OZ-import, OZ-Planten, Poise Mera (Cambodia), Praxis Tuincentrum, ProfitPlant, Quality GreenPlants, Raadschelders Varens, Retail Solutions / GoGreen, Roto Flowers, Royal FloraHolland, Royal Lemkes, Royal van Zanten, Ruigrok Uitzendorganisatie, RVE Rijnsburg, Smithers Oasis-Floralife, Son & Koot, SQ Flora, Stap Projects, Starflor, Steenwijk Abbenes, SuperFlora, Sure Plants, Ter Laak Orchideeën, Tesselaar Alstroemeria, Tuinbranche Nederland, Tuincentrum Olieslagers, Unicum Freesia, United Selections, Van der Hoorn Floristik, Van der Voort potplanten, Van Dijk Flora, van Rijn Roses, Verdel Export, C.J. Vianen, Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants, Waterdrinker / Green Trade Centre, Wellantcollege, Xpol en nog vele anderen.


The e-learning platform for the floriculture sector!

  • Floweracademy.TV offers online, practical courses with video instruction.
  • Available in the language and experience of your employees, customers, students or yourself.
  • Learning about flowers and plants is fun and easy.
  • Learn, practice, test your knowledge and print your certificates.
  • Gain knowledge 24/7, independent of time and place


  • Motivated employees or students
  • Proper product care
  • Improved presentation
  • Less loss
  • More turnover

“Learning is Fun” at Floweracademy.TV!

InfoFlowersPlants - Web application

Web application for personal, company or shop use!

The IFP web application forms a portal to the extensive search engines for flowers, houseplants, garden plants and flower bulbs. The information per product consists of fixed data such as colour, application possibilities, storage temperatures, plant depth, etc. In addition, we give you a number of other facts such as origin, care tips and other important facts. And all this in 8 languages!

This application can be used on a computer, laptop or tablet. Access is gained with a login and password verification. Visit our demo of the application to get more insight. Please note: the demo version does not show all the options the search engine has.

InfoFlowersPlants - Apps in the appstores

Extensive flower and plant apps

The flower and plant apps meet a great need for information both in the floriculture sector and among consumers. Consumer knowledge about the care of flowers and plants is limited and is often mentioned as a threshold for the possible purchase of green products.  The specialist trade, on the other hand, needs a clear, independent and extensive product catalogue. The InfoFlowersPlants apps provide both these aspects.

  • digital version of former booklets Bloemenbureau Holland
  • a sector initiative by an independent organisation
  • registration is not necessary
  • multiple professional photos per product
  • 1x per month free updates
  • search by; colour, odour, availability, product group, user information
    novelties, the latest flowers & plants
  • convenient list of favourites
  • sharing on social media and by email


Try the demo version of InfoFlowersPlants web application now!