All about care & handling and vase live of cut flowers

Floweracademy.NL virtual classroom

This virtual classroom theme course makes it possible to follow the virtual lessons of Floweracademy.NL from home or work. During the course, a theme is dealt with briefly and powerfully.

Target group

Anyone who wants to learn in a short period of time about care and handling of cut flowers. This virtual classroom is suitable for virtually all employees in various positions in the floriculture sector.

Content and program

In 1 virtual classroom of 4 hours and 1 online test at Floweracademy.TV.

We use the Zoom program. Topics covered are: care of cut flowers in general and of specific products. Pre-treatment, storage and/or cooling. Use and necessity use flower food in all parts of the horticulture chain. Consumer advices.

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What you can expect?

This theme consists 1 virtual lesson of 4 hours and 1 online test at Floweracademy.TV

The theme courses are practical and up to date and are given in a virtual classroom environment at a set time where everyone can participate from their own home or workplace.

The experienced teacher Lucas Jansen can be seen and heard on camera and the participants can also virtually participate by means of chatting, camera or audio.

During the theme courses we make use of:

  • Video conference program Zoom
  • Online supporting PowerPoints
  • Interactive knowledge game Kahoot
  • Web application / encyclopedie assortment InfoFlowersPlants
  • E-learning platform Floweracademy.TV
  • “Live behind the camera” teachers Lucas Jansen
  • Including e-learning and web application range

Including e-learning and webapplicatie assortment

E-learning Floweracademy.TV en webapp InfoFlowersPlants

As support for this course you can use the e-learning platform of Floweracademy.TV.  On this platform you can learn online with video content and PowerPoints. Watch, test and print your own certificates.

As a participant, you will also have temporary access to the web application assortment of InfoFlowersPlants. This web application is the replacement of the assortment books of Flower council Holland. Independent, consistent and up-to-date product information in 8 languages with numerous search functions.

Theme: care & handling flowers

Courses are also possible in-company!

Companies that would like to organise a live or virtual in-company course about care & handling of cut flowers can send an email to

Virtual classroom product knowledge

Theme: care & handling of cut flowers

  • Date: Data not yet planned 2021
  • Times: 9.00 till 13.00 h
  • Exam: online at Floweracademy.TV
  • How: virtual classroom
  • Location: at home or at work
  • Required to participate:
    • computer with internet (wifi)
    • audio and camera
  • Costs: € 75,00
  • Included
    • Testkit from Chrysal Flower Food
      • send to your flower shop
    • Year subscription Webapplicatie / encyclopedia assortment InfoFlowersPlants

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